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Technical bulletin published by Allianz Risk Consulting



Technical bulletin published by Allianz Risk Consulting


Global Property

Tailor-made solutions for international property insurance.



Insurance solutions for the airline industry


Global Cargo

Intelligent solutions for international cargo insurance



Insurance solutions for the aerospace industry


Global Engineering

Customized solutions for engineering and construction projects worldwide.


Managing disruptions

Supply chain risk: an insurer’s perspective


Allianz Reputation Protect

Protecting your company’s reputation in a crisis


Global Liability

Specialist solutions for international corporate liability risks


Fire Protection Impairment Management


Allianz Technology Professional Indemnity


Euler Hermes Deductible Guarantee


Global Energy

Insurance and risk consulting for the energy industry


Global employee benefits

Optimize your employee benefit programs across countries


Panama Canal 100

Shipping safety and future risks


Supertall Buildings

Construction risk assessment in the 21st century


Global Aviation Safety Study

A review of 60 years of improvement in aviation safety


Small Yacht Owners Risk

Top tips for Small Yacht Owners/Charterers


Allianz Global Benefits Pooling

International Risk Management Programs



A window to clients’ data


Allianz Solutions for Corporate Clients over the ‘Employee Continuum’


Global Claims Review 2015

Global trends and developments in business interruption claims


Water Resilience Insurance


Global Captive Programs

Connect the dots With a trusted partner


myAGCS.com Fact Sheet

Embracing the digital age


Safety and Shipping Review 2016

An annual review of trends and developments in shipping losses and safety


Food & Beverage Industry at a glance


Clinical Trials Insurance

Global solutions for clinical trials liability


Product Recall Insurance at a glance


Hostile Environment Solutions at a glance


Allianz Corporate Assistance

Global support and solutions for you and your staff


Global Risk Dialogue

Analysis and insight from the world of corporate risk and insurance


Allianz Cyber Premium Protect

Insurance for cyber liability, cyber business interruption, IT forensic costs and other cyber related covers.


AGCS Rise of the Drones

Managing the Unique Risks Associated with Unmanned Aircraft Systems


Claims Management UK

United Kingdom Contacts – 2018


Consumer Goods Recall Insurance


Contaminated Products Insurance



Ireland, Nordic, Russia, Middle East & Pacific Contacts – 2018


D&O Insurance Insights

Management liability today: What executives need to know


Airports at a glance


Understanding Environmental Risks


Allianz Risk Barometer

Top Business Risks 2017


Global Programs at AGCS

Promoting simplicity in a complex world


Construction at a glance


Commercial D&O at a glance


Specialty & Components Manufacturing Industry Segment


Allianz Cyber Protect Premium

Digital Business & Data Protection Insurance


Global employee benefits at a glance

Dedicated employee benefit solutions for multinational corporations


Allianz Global Benefits Client Insights


Managing Global Risks


Allianz Cyber BI Protect

Digital Business Interruption Protection Insurance


Protecting our Airports

Global expertise delivered locally


Allianz Multinational Global Insurance Programs


Insurance Across Borders


Allianz Multinational

Your World is Our Business


Product Recall

Managing the impact of the new risk landscape


Allianz Property Risk Management Charter


Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Aviation Fact Sheet


Allianz Risk Barometer

Top business Risks for 2018


Product Contamination & Recall


Global Risk Dialogue

Analysis and insight from the world of corporate risk and insurance


Allianz Claims Pledge UK

Manage, resolve… together


Global Risk Consulting

Tailored worldwide risk management services from Allianz Risk Consulting.


ChemMeta Praedicat & Allianz

Science Based Product Stewardship Analytics + Software


Product Recall Insurance


Aerospace & Defence Industry


Communication, Media and Technology


Commercial Crime at a glance


Terrorism and Political Violence at a glance


Measuring and Managing Environmental Exposure

A business sector analysis of natural capital risk



An integral part of our front office service


Property Risk Consulting

ARC Property offers our clients comprehensive risk engineering and the key services


Risk Consulting 4.0


Allianz Entertainment At a Glance

Regional Unit London


Allianz Risk Consulting – Aerospace & Defence


Global Claims Review


Terrorism and Political Violence Africa


Lock & Dock Gates ARC Marine White Paper


Weather Risk Management

Weather Resource Protection


Global Risk Dialogue


Allianz capabilities for Aviation Clients


A Guide to Cyber Risk

Managing the Impact of Increasing Interconnectivity


Risk Consulting at a glance


Safety & Shipping Review 2019

An annual review of trends and developments in shipping losses and safety


AGCS Engineering Construction Risk Trends 2019


Financial Institutions at a glance


Directors & Officer’s liability At a Glance


Cyber At a Glance


Professional Indemnity At a Glance


Global Risk Dialogue


Directors and Officers Insurance Insights 2020

The range of exposures facing directors and officers (D&Os) – as well as the resultant claims scenarios – have increased significantly in recent years. Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS) experts provide both a reflection of the current state of the D&O insurance market and also point the lens forward to five mega trends which lie ahead.


Allianz Risk Barometer 2020


AGCS UK Contact sheet


AGCS ARC Safeguarding of Construction Sites during a Cessation of Works


AGCS ARC Coronavirus Shutdown Of Facilities Loss Prevention Measures


AGCS ARC Coronavirus Mining Loss Measures


AGCS ARC risk bulletin – businesses preparing for a change in operations


AGCS ARC Minimizing Liability Losses When Restarting Manufacturing After Lockdown


10 reasons to buy Allianz Cyber Protect